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               I Almost Died, But Yeshua (Jesus) sent me back!!
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Brilliant Red Orb Appears!
After Jesus had told me that He loved me very much, as I mentioned before, I just could not believe it. Right after Jesus had told me He loved me, I was standing in front of a huge and brilliant red orb. I would say that it was at least 300 to 500 feet or more in size. The color was of a red color I have never seen the likes of before in life. The outer rim of the orb was a brilliant red-orange color, that too, I had never seen the likes of it.To be more detailed about the orb, it was an oval shaped orb. As I looked upon the orb, the orange red edge of the orb was pulsating with rays. The best way to describe it, is it was like a cartoon, with sun rays pulsating from it. It was very awesome to look upon. It appeared to be surging with color. And I have to say the brilliant red color appeared as the color of blood, which I believed was to signify the blood of Jesus Christ. As I was looking upon it, for some moments, I saw some of the rays pulsating more then the others. When all of a sudden, a ray from the orb shot out directly towards me, and then went right through my being. Ecstasy went through me again, but a bit more powerful. I called out to Jesus again, “Do you love me?” Then again, another ray of power shot out of the orb, and again went right through my being. I could see the power rays when they launched off towards me. They appeared to be perfectly straight, and formed.
The second power ray surge was more powerful then the first. I don’t recall just how many times I was hit with those power rays. But it was the second or possibly the third time I was shot through, that the ecstasy was more powerful love. The last power surge that went through me, I have yet to be able to describe the ecstasy and the love of Jesus that was in it, that went through me, and flooded every part of my being. It felt like it was 100% solid love of Jesus. But that final ray of the power of Jesus love, shot through me so powerfully, that I felt like I was gasping from it. When that power surge hit, and after feeling that indescribable combination of total ecstasy and the full 100% power of Jesus love, I yelled out, “Yes, I know you love me! I know you love me, Jesus, and I know that you have forgiven me of all of my past and present sins. Oh, glory to God, Glory to God”. I cried like a baby. I am just another Christian, but one who was blessed with a great experience that is not given out to many. I don’t understand it all yet. I know quite a bit after leaving my body, but I know I am learning more now as the days go on. I realize as well that I have a lot more to learn, of what God has told me, shown me, and planned for me.
Coming Back Into My Body!
There were a series of events that took place while I was coming back into my body. After the power beams of Jesus love stopped, I had kept on crying and praising and thanking God. I realized at that point that all my sins, and all those many years of the deep unending pain and heartache and depression (which for years I suffered greatly with depression) were all taken away. None of it was left. Not one speck of it! I am 100% free for the first time in my life since I had been a child, and even after I was first saved in 1972. This is a most awesome and incredible realization and feeling I have ever known. The next thing I recall, I turned around to look behind me, and below me, and saw my home. I looked down through the roof into the living room area, and the view was as clear and vivid as it was if I was there in my body. I called out to Jesus, and told Him I wanted to go home. “Jesus, I want to go home and be with my wife that I love so much”. I also said, “I want to be with her and tell her everything that has happened to me, and about your powerful love”. Almost immediately,I was being pulled backwards, towards my body. But as I started going back, and once again into my body, I felt the physical pain that I had lived with for many years, as well as nausea from the strong sedative and drug injection that I had been given me before I left my body.
When I was out of my body, all the physical pain, and the heartache, concerns and worries and pressures of earthly life were gone. Completely gone! I had been in a state of total serenity, and at times, ecstasy. But then to return to my body, was an incredible rush and change, and almost felt likea shock to my mind. At one point when I was out of my body and with Jesus, I had almost wanted to ask Jesus if I could go with Him to heaven. I really did want to go. But I had quickly changed my mind because of (as I mentioned before) loving my wife, and wanting not only to share my experience with her, but to also share with anybody and everybody that Jesus is real! As I was being pulled more and more back into my body, I could once again see those geometric shapes materializing, along with the humming and clunking sounds of the M.R.I. machine, which became louder and louder. In regards to the geometric shapes. As I mentioned earlier those shapes contained the medical people that were in the M.R.I. test room. The shapes slowly rejoined each other. When they had completely come back together, then everything around me began to move once again, like time had
stopped while I was out of my body, and then began when I came back to my body. That is the best way that I can I can explain it. There was a momentary change. I had come back into the M.R.I. test room, where I saw the geometric shapes of the room and the people in it. Then, the next thing I recall, and from there on in, was being wheeled down a hall on a hospital gurney, extremely weak, and barely unable to move.
I had found out that I had been in the M.R.I. room and I.C.U. room for almost 4 hours. Normally as I was told by the doctor, that the test would take only 20 to 30 minutes. In my case, I found out that it took from 1:15 PM to between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM. The doctor later told me, because they went ahead and took pictures of my entire spine, it took them 1 hour? But that still does not account for another one to two more hours more? My wife later told me that she was told by a nurse in the waiting room that I had come out of the test, and was done, (which was then after 4:15 PM). My wife remembers that she had looked at the clock in the waiting room when the nurse had informed her of my being finished. It was after 4:15 PM. It is obvious to know and realize that something did go wrong, and we were not being informed about it. I know I mentioned this before, but this is important to bring up again. Before I went under the sedatives, and into the M.R.I. machine, the doctor who was present with me at that time told me that I would not need oxygen or a throat tube, like is needed with surgeries.
And that I was only to take a long nap and wake up right after it was all over. But that is not what happened. While I was being wheeled on the hospital bed down the hall to the ICU room for recovery, I kept saying to the medical people around me, who were walking with me around the bed, and in whispers (as I could not talk due to being insuch a weakened physical state), I couldn’t stop saying these words to them, “Jesus Loves me! Jesus loves every-one! You have no idea at all how real Jesus is! You don’t realize that He is real! You just don’t realize how real Jesus is! I have spoken with Him and seen Him! He is real! He is real! The doctor who had given me the I.V. injection of those sedatives and drugs was closest to my bed as we went down the hall. I remember at one point as I was trying to tell all of them about Jesus, he had leaned closer to the bed to hear what I was saying. I also recall him telling the others to listen, and see what I was trying to say. I could see the great concern from several of the medical people that were walking along side the bed that
I was being wheeled down the hall on. I don’t think they really knew that I could hear a lot of what they were saying, as I was out of it from the sedatives. But I heard clearly most of their concerns. It is important that I mention those concerns at this point, as a few days later when I phoned the hospital to ask them how I came through the test, they said it went fine. No, It did not go fine, and I am convinced that they know that it did not. And I am convinced they are not talking about what went wrong, out of fear of possible legal action that could be taken against them. There is just no other reason that I can come up with that explains why they would not admit what happened. with for them not telling me all the facts.
I do intend to secure my medical records, and if need be, to have an attorney get the records, so we can see all that happened. Now getting back to what some of the medical people were saying while walking along side of me on the gurney that I was on while being wheeled down the hall to the ICU room on. I recall one of the nurses saying something to this effect.
“He is finally awake!” As she spoke those words, she not only sounded very concerned, but on her face that I could see fairly clearly, showed deep concern and worry. I recall hearing from a few others (although I don’t recall seeing which person made who made the statements), words to the effect of their overt concern of my being kept awake. But I do remember clearly one of them saying this, “He is finally awake!” I recall everyone of those medical people in that hall with me on the way to the ICU room, as all being very concerned, and quite worried. When I finally arrived at the ICU room, within a few minutes the doctor who had been with me, had come into the room to see me. As he walked through the door, he said, “I heard you had good experience!” I was still very weak and woozy yet. I had told him that I had a wonderful experience. I also asked him how did I come through the test? He told me it was okay. He really didn’t tell me a lot, other then making that simple statement. I am not trying to make anything more then what has happened, but there is no doubt in my mind that he was aware of the fact, that surely I would eventually put everything together and realize a test that takes only 30 to 60 minutes, does not take 3 hours or more, and I would obviously want some explanation? (Later, records showed nothing unusual took place?) The doctor came over to my bed and held my hand, and I kept saying to him, “Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you and everyone, and most of you don’t even realize it. I also told Him that Jesus had forgiven me. I could see in that doctor’s eyes as he held my hand, that he was really listening, and appeared to be taking what I said to him, very seriously. I don’t know for sure if he believed me or not. I do know this, after I had stopped talking to him about Jesus, he continued to hold my hand for at least a minute and staring deeply into my eyes. Then he removed his hand from mine and said this, “thank you, very much for telling me what you experienced”. And then
he just turned and slowly walked out of the room. It does excite me to hope that what I said just may have gone into his heart, and made him think, and maybe for the first time, that there really is a God. I say this, because the doctor is an Indian from India. India is a country where it only has something like five percent Christian population, and the other ninety five percent are Hindu or other false and Pagan religions. I must remember to keep that doctor in prayer. as he really wanted to know what happened, and when I told him, he just stood there with eyes wide open, and holding my hand for a long time.
Those of you reading this book, keep that doctor in your prayers. Now, getting back to when I was in the ICU room. Another strange thing, is that I was the only person in the ICU room. I had two nurses constantly monitoring my life signs (vitals). They were continually taking my blood pressure, as well as monitoring my oxygen and watching the heart monitor every minute. They also had extremely concerned looks on their faces as well. I am a very observant person, and always have been. I remember asking several times for my wife to be with me in the room. They refused to do that, and gave me the explanation because the room was a sterile area. That was an odd reason, because neither of the two nurses were wearing any sterile type clothing or sterile gloves, or face masks. From what I recall, they were wearingtheir usual nurses dress apparel. The door to the ICU room which was right in front of me was wide open, with people constantly walking back and fourth in the hall going by the open door. My wife told me later that day, that she had really been worried, as the 30 to 60 minute test stretched out into hours. Sharon also told me that after 4:00 PM, and while she was praying for me (as she said she sensed deeply that something was very wrong), and that I had died. Sharon told me later, that when she had thought that, it just didn’t make any sense to her, her feeling that way. I have been through several surgeries, of which some of them were very serious. My wife has never ever felt at any time during any of all the surgeries I went through, that I would die, or had died. Sharon is a very strong Christian lady. Her faith is rock solid. I am not just saying that because she is my wife, and I love her deeply. She is one of the type of Christians that absolutely stands 100% on faith in God. And there is no room or place for any discussion with her, when it comes to questioning faith, or her faith. In all the 30 years since she has been saved, I have never known her even once to doubt God, or to doubt faith at all. Never!
Set Free!
So much happened to me when I met Jesus that day. Although I seriously believe that I was actually over dosed with the sedatives and other drugs that were injected into my I.V.,and endangered my life, that I could have died, and Jesus did not let that happen, as Jesus had a plan. His plan was to have me meet Him so He could set me free of almost life long, deep hurts and heartaches, as well as the painful memories of past sins that still haunted me, that were driving me to the place where I was giving up all hope on my life. Never have I known such peace and joy in my life that I have today, never! I still have everyday concerns and worries just like anyone else does. But now, instead of living in a pit of depression, hopelessness, unforgiving, guilt and shame, I am living in what seems to be in a changed soul, one that is clean and happy, and has hope, new hope! After my wife and I had come home from the hospital and the test, I told my wife the complete account. She was crying with joy and praising God as I was, and have been ever since. My wife admitted to me that she knew that something had happened to me while she was waiting for me when the medical test ended. My experience was true and real, and I sincerely hope that my experience and miracle story has been a blessing to all those who have read this booklet.
The reasons that I did not quote Jesus in some of His actual words and statements that He spoke to me, is because of the short length of this booklet, which I gave the short version in. Perhaps soon I will have the time to write a fulll account, and in book length. I had only pharaphrased in those parts in this booklet, pertaining scriptures. I can tell you this, Jesus and I did have actual verbal conversations. And Jesus did answer the questions I had presented to Him. I spoke my questions with my own voice aloud to Jesus. The reason I have gone over explaining how Jesus actually spoke to me, and answered my questions, I have not and will never get over that. I am still just in awe that Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, God, actually spoke to me, as well as we had conversations back and fourth between one another. It still does, and I know for the rest of my life, it will continue to leave me in a state of awe and even at times, in shock, that the incredible even had actually taken place. I just don’t have the words to express how this has affected me since then. Let me put it another way. Just for a moment, close your eyes, and if you can, try to possibly imagine talking to Jesus Christ and hearing him audibly speaking to you with His own voice? The human mind cannot grasp but perhaps only a tiny bit of the awesome reality of actually talking to the creator, Your creator and my creator! This whole experience that I went through, feels as if a thousand pounds has been lifted off of me, and I am seeing through new eyes. In fact, this may sound a bit odd. My senses for the first two days after my experience, was incredibly increased. I can’t really explainit all, other then during for the time I was out of my body, and with Jesus, and after receiving several incredible and awesome surges of God’s love power, that after I had come back, I still had left over remnants of that power, and even lingering in my human body for a week. My senses during those two days
following my experience, I was just mystified by it, as I could hear people talking clearly from great distances around me. My eye sight was so acute, that colors were more glorious and vivid. At times, I would just stop and stare at whatever I was looking at, whether at home or in a store, or being outside looking at the sky, trees, landscape and the beautiful bluffs around us. It was like I was seeing it all, God’s creation for the first time, and perhaps as a child would see it for the first time, and while driving my truck through the country where we live, I would just cry uncontrollably seeing and experiencing.
from the sights of God’s nature. I just can’t put it into words. Another very incredible thing, is that I still had God’s power lingering in my being. It wasn’t like it was when I was out of my body, but with a small percentage of some of that supernatural power, and it was still effecting me. Those of you who believe in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that the spirit at times really manifests it’s power, then have a little understanding of what I am talking about. But the power of God’s spirit that I had, was much greater then that, and was continuous for two days. Although, my hearing, eye sight, touch, etc., have leveled off back to normal, I felt the Holy Spirit most of the day, and 24/7. Truly! Usually, it takes me about an hour after I got up in the morning, and the Holy Spirit hits me, and is with me the rest of the day. This awesome experience lasted for about 10 days. I remember saying to myself and God,that I had hope it would last for the rest of my life, the way it had been during those 10 days Since being out of my body and then coming back, I have led many people to Jesus Christ, and to salvation. I have often become a very lethal weapon against Satan, helping to pulling souls out of the pits of Hell (those that were on their way to Hell, but now are new creatures in Christ). Glory to God! I am going to be God’s servant in helping to pull out as many souls that I can to be saved and set free for Jesus, until the Lord calls me home. There is a battlefield out there in the world, and God is calling for some trained soldiers that are ready to fight for Jesus, no matter what. God is calling for very special commando trained soul winning soldiers, that “will” even give up their lives if it is needed to see souls saved by and for Jesus Christ. I am hoping and praying that God is making me one of those warriors. Please understand this. Those of you who are working for Jesus on the battlefield know this is often serious and even dangerous work. And it should be under-stood that way, and taken that way. We who are “real” born again Christians, are truly in a battle. But not just any battle. I believe now, with all my heart and soul that we are living in a time of one of the biggest battle fields that has ever been since God has created man.
And those of you wishing to be used of God had better make sure that you are spiritually and physically prepared before you get into battle. And you must take this seriously! I cannot over emphasize enough, the power of Satan, that He has on this world at this time, is fierce! And Satan truly does have power. But then we know, or you should know that God is more powerful and greater then Satan has ever been or will ever be. Please, do not get into the battle until you are totally committed and totally prepared to do so. I believe that God is “right now” raising up super soldiers. I mean, highly trained, types of soldiers. And what God has further showed me, is that these are new, and have never before been seen, as well as the times before this present day, has never needed such skilled, highly trained types of soldiers that God is either just raising up now, or will be rasing up very soon. Jesus had told me in His words, that the sin and wickedness and evil is the “worst” it has ever been since He created man! So it makes sense to me, these great times of sin call for a special and highly trained and skilled types of Christian soldiers that will sacrifice Jesus. And it makes a lot of sense to me, as I hope it does to all of you who are real Christians. In fact, my wife told me today of a well known Christian minister and Evangelist that was shown in a vision from God, that God will be raising up super Christians. The kind of Christians that God and I call, “commando” super type of Christian soldiers. We have a war going on right now, and God is preparing us to help win that war. I sincerely hope and pray that this book or booklet has touched you, moved you, and or even changed your life. I believe that many of those who have read and will be reading this booklet, will have their lives changed. I have no doubts about it, none at all. Pass the booklet on to another to read and see the power of God, and see the reality of a real and living Jesus Christ. At the end of this booklet, I gave my name and address for those wishing to get more copies. The booklets are FREE (and not being sold). All I ask, is that anyone asking for a copy of more copies, I would appreciate a donation of $2.00 or more dollars, so I can continue to make more copies to give out to anyone and everyone.
“Corrie TenBoom” who is well known for a book she authored, called, “The Hiding Place”, which also became a major movie. Corrie TenBoom lived in Holland during the Nazi occupation of Holland during Adolph Hitler's reign of terror, along with several other countries during the late 30s and early 40s as well. Corrie had hidden Jews in her home, in efforts to try to keep them safe from being arrested and deported and sent to the German concentration camps. Corrie and her father, sister and brother were all eventually caught and arrested and ended up in prison, then sent on to the camps in Germany. Corrie was the only survivor in her family, as her father and mother and sister and brother ended up dying from illnesses. Corries brother was Gased in the Gas chamber in a concentration camp.
Corrie was a powerful believer in Jesus love, which sustained her through all the suffering that she and her sister had gone through. Corrie was released from the prison camp she was in, early, due to a mistake that the prison officials had made. In Corry's incredible book, "The Hiding Place", she wrote these words, “There is no pit so deep, that HE "(Jesus)" is not deeper still.
By Billy Dee
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