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Would You Like To Know What Jim Varney Found?
Although I never personally knew of or met Jim Varney, I have come to learn about him from his friends, and even some of his own family. Jim had quite a life. Jim accepted Jesus as his savior as a teenager. Although Jim found himself in the fast lane in show business which pulled him back at times and away from God, he never really gave up on God and his faith. I should say, God never gave up on Jim Varney. As you have read in this site, Jim returned to Jesus in a closer walk then he had ever known in his entire life. Jim especially in his last few years before he passed away turned to God in a close walk and faith. One particular friend of Jim's said that he was the strongest in his faith she had ever seen him. Jim Varney realized towards the end of his life that he needed to return to God, and he found peace of the likes he never had before. Would you like to also know the faith and the Jesus that Jim found, and many other people as well have found? You can, and I will be happy to show you how.
I am not placing Jim Varney on any pedestal. Jim is just an example of what many people have decided to become and be! And what is that? Being a real Christian, and one who is "born again". Most people have heard that expression over and over and over, being "born again". But it is more then just an expression, it is actually the most powerful, motivating life changing experience that a human being can go through! No joke! Being born again can take a person who is so absolutely disgusted with him or herself, or their life, and totally change their life around. In many cases, a full 180 degrees, whoa! But being born again is not some magical potion, or some sort of "mind or brain trip". Contrary to many people's opinion, being "born again", or being "saved" are two of the very same thing.
So who can be saved? Well, anyone can! Anyone who is willing and ready to turn their lives over to God. So why should you do that? And why turn your life over to God when your probably doing alright the way you are? Good question, for those of you who may been thinking that. Well, I can come up with a thousand or more reasons why you should be "born again". But there is only one simple answer. Really! The answer is this, ta da ta da! LOL! If you care enough about your life that you would really like to live beyond the short years that we humans live. And if you would like to go to a nice place where there is peace, joy, happiness and real fulfillment, and forever (wow, what a trip, huh!). And or if you are one of those people who are just plain sick and tired of your life, or maybe your a drug addict or an alcoholic, or perhaps you feel that your life just has no meaning. Well, being born again, or saved is your answer!
Look! Let me put it this way. I used to be one those who was at the bottom of the pit. Alcohol, drugs, crime, you name it, I did it all! I was so far down the drain, I couldn't even see the rim above me, as well I couldn't get out of that drain. And the other thing, was that I just could not believe that if there was a God, that he would want anything to do with someone as evil and wild as I once was. I am serious about what I am saying. But one day, when I was at the end of my life. And I mean the end, man! I was in process of checking out of this world, via a gun and or explosives, (which ever one worked first). No joke! A dude that I never knew jumped in my car and had stopped me from taking my life that one night many years ago. He spent a lot of time trying to talk sense into my head that night. But what really struck me, is when he told me that God "does not care how bad you are, or how nasty you are, or how evil, rotten, etc." you are. God's word in His book, there is a part in it that says that "many of YOU who were drunkards, adulterers, (I am paraphrasing that part in the Bible, and adding some more horrible evils that I am sure God also was talking about), drug addict, alcoholic, sex freak, you name it, that God "would" take you out of the gutter and save you, and that He has done that for many, many people. Well, when that dude was telling me that, I told him, "Hey! I fit right in with those people!", and I further said, "OK, if what your telling me is true, that I am not that dirty or evil that God won't save me? Is that right? My new found friend told me that I was really starting to understand the program, cool!
Well, to make a long story short, I got saved, or born again. That was 31 years ago. Wow, I am really giving my age away now, huh! Well, I am a real Christian, and I am still cool! I haven't turned into a green frog, or into one those weird evil cartoon characters on TV, LOL! For years before I got saved, there was a very popular expression going around for Christians, "Jesus Freak!", "Bible Thumper", "Bible Wacko", only to name a few. But the truth of the matter is this (the way I see it), God takes freaks and turns them into real human beings. Yeah!
Since that time, for me, it has not been an easy road being a Christian. God never promised anyone who gets saved to walk and live everyday in wonderland, uh, uh! But what God does promise, (and He does keep His word!), and what God will do when you get saved, He will change your life. So it may take a few months or a few years, or perhaps in my case (I was one those extra hard cases!) many years to get with the program. I have always said to myself and my better half (my wife), "Rome wasn't built in one day, and I wasn't either". But those years since I was born again have been worth it all!
Many people have the conception (weird!), that when you get saved, or if you have decided you want to be saved, then you gotta become a real Holy person, and you gotta do everything to change. It's hard job! You gotta be on your toes every minute of the day. If your not, then God is going to slap you along side your head! Uh huh! NO! I am just joking around, LOL! The truth of the matter, you don't have to do much at all to become saved. You really don't. Anyway, it is not YOU who has to do it all, and it is not YOU who has to start working your brains out changing all the nasty things in it, or the not to cool things to be a Christian (although it does help to work along with the Boss!). Here is the simple facts (although, for some reason these are about the hardest facts there is for so many people.) There is an old expression that I think is really cool and goes along with I am going to say. The expression is, "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!" LOL! To be born again, takes only minutes to perhaps 5 or 10 or 30 minutes at the most to experience salvation (or rather, to begin the experience). Please be patient, I am building up to a big finale here!
So now that I may have (and probably do) have the interest from you about this, I am going to tell you just how simple it is to come on over to God's side and become one of those "born agains!" I guarantee it, you will never regret making the step to be saved. Your simple, but "the" most important decision that you will make, and will ever make in your "entire life" could be just minutes away! Really!
So here it goes! You ready! To be saved, (although it may appear as a bunch of cool words), you have to really mean what you say when you are asking Jesus Christ into YOUR life, and YOUR heart, and into YOUR mind! Otherwise, your just wasting your time and God's time. Wanting to be saved, is not to be taken lightly. I have often told people who were ready to make that decision, that before they did, that if they were just doing it without taking it seriously, and not really meaning it, then God will do nothing! And another thing you should know. When a person makes a decision to be saved, and really means it, and they really do become saved, if they turn around after being born again, and go back to their old ways they were living before they were saved (I am talking about profanity, gettin girls in the sack, drinking, drugs, etc., ) then your messing around with God, and your putting yourself in a very dangerous position with God. God's word in His book, there is a part where it says, "God is the hound of the heavens". That means, (for this situation for someone who turn back to their old nasty ways after being really saved, watch out!) Well, you may be thinking to yourself this right now,"wow! If this God is dangerous and can get really ballistic, then perhaps I better not get myself into this!) Well, if that is what your thinking, then perhaps your right! Meaning, if you decide to give your life and heart and soul to Jesus, and you don't mean it, then your putting yourself in a very bad position. I am not trying to scare you, or anyone else who is reading this. The fact is, YOU can only make the decision to be saved! And God does not or never will He ever force anyone to be saved. He is a gentle and loving God. Being saved, is YOUR decision, and YOURS only! So if your ready to be saved, and really want to be, then you will be, and then, God WILL really save you. Otherwise, if your unsure, then don't making any commitments until your sure and ready to make the step.
Another thing. Born again Christians are not perfect. I gotta say that, because many people think we are, and can do no wrong, LOL! ALL Christians make mistakes, and they ALL sin. We all do! In other words, ALL Christians slip back in their faith with Jesus. They really do! So does God slap them on the side of their head and call down lightening to turn them into a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, No! Egad, I sure get carried away don't I, whew! If you fall in your faith, then get up and try again. And especially new Christians (those just saved), always fall (well most of them do). But for those who fall, and don't get up, and turn their backs on God, that is when they open themselves up for God to work with them to bring them back.
Well, enough said on that. I just want to lay some ground work here, before I take you through the simple steps to change into a really super cool dude or person (same thing). Oh, I thought I would mention the reason I am writing this out with young people's type of wording, is because the majority of people who come and visit this site are young people. Anyway, even though I am 58 years old, I am really young, and see myself that way. My wife always tells me I act like a kid. I love it! I still wear and style my hair after the late Elvis Presley! I wear cool clothing, and I still love Cuban heels. Only problem is, I gotta buy them from the women s shoe department in stores, because they are not in style any more for me, ugh! I just can't wear those canvas sneaker shoes! Duh! Anyway, who says a minister of God can't be cool?
Getting back to the most important part of this longggggg message! I am going to tell you how to be born again, while at the same time, I will even lead you to Jesus. I don't have to be in your home with you for you to be saved. In fact, you don't even really need me to be saved. A person can be saved without anyone present with him or her. But it means a lot more if you have a Christian with you, leading you, and telling you what to say. So here it goes. First of all, I am going to quote just a few parts from Bible. You know, it is that BOOK that all to often just lays around the house collecting dust, or, putting your soda or pizza on it! Uhuh!
Here is what God has to say about salvation. Actually, the parts I am going to tell you, were written by a man who actually walked and talked with Jesus. So I am telling you something first hand! In the New Testament, in the "Gospel of John". In case your not sure where that is. The New Testament is the second half of the book. And you will find John as the 4th Gospel in the New Testament. Matthew being number 1. Mark being number 2. Luke being number 3. and then John being number 4, and your there. In the Gospel of John Chapter 3:3 it says this, "Jesus answered and said to him. Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God(what is meant by seeing the kingdom of God is not just meaning heaven. It means a lot more. It also means to understand God, to know Him here while your living on this world also. Let's go on!)(Nicodemus was a religious scholar)Nicodemus said to him. How can a man be born when he is old? (Nicodemus just could not understand what was being told to him at this point)Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born? Jesus answered and said most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. And that which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.
(although there is more to read and explain, that is enough for now. When Jesus said a person a person is born of water, that means being naturally born. A baby inside of a mother lives in a sack of water, and is born from it, and that person is flesh or physical. At that point, it has nothing to do with the spirit, or in this case, having the spirit of God. But then Jesus goes on to say that those who are born of the spirit are spirit. What that means, is when a person becomes saved, at that time that person is born of the spirit of God. That person will be filled with the spirit of God. That person before he or she was saved, did not have the spirit or what is also called the Holy Ghost within them. Further on in that chapter, it speaks of Jesus saying he will bring the "comforter" (the Holy Ghost), to live within the person that is saved. When your saved, the Holy Spirit enters your body, mind, heart and soul. And it is then that you see things and understand things of God that you never have been able to understand or see before. It is incredible to say the least.)
I could write a 100 pages on what a newly saved Christian will experience with the Holy Ghost. There is so much that takes place, and as I said, it is incredible. Well, now we reach the place where if your ready to make a decision to make that step to be born again, then read on!
Here is some simple but very meaningful words that you can say right now! Are you ready? Are you sure your ready to make that step right now? If you are ready then read on closely.
Here is a simple prayer for salvation. I would like you to say it along with me. "God, I want to be born again. If all what I have read here, and have heard is true about you being God, and changing people's lives, and saving them and forgiving them of their sins, then I want this, and I need this now. I repent of all or any sins I have or have committed. I sincerely mean that. I believe that your son Jesus Christ died on that cross for me, to save me. I am asking you right now to come into my heart, my life, my soul, my mind and be my savior. I will live for you, and I will serve you, and that you will help me when I call out on to you. I accept you as my savior by my own free will and choice. Come into my heart and soul right now. I thank you for saving me, and for setting me free and making me a new person in Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus! I know I am born again Christian. Amen.
If you made that commitment, and you made it sincerely, you can be sure that Jesus heard you and accepted you, and He saved you. You will know in your heart after saying that simple prayer if your saved. You will know without any doubts at all. The Lord has promised that He will NEVER turn away from anyone who asks of Him and His love. He promises He will always listen, and answer. That's it. Like I said, if you sincerely meant those words, then you are born again, really cool!.
So there you have it. And I rejoice for those after reading this, that have made a decision to be saved of Jesus Christ. Your life will never (and this guaranteed) be the same again. You have made the most important life saving decision that anyone could and can ever make. And please, if you would like, I would really like to hear from those of you who have made that decision to ask Jesus into their heart for salvation. And do go and find some fellowship with other real Christian believers like you! Oh, and don't forget to start the Bible. Please write and let me know, and I will send a reply back. Click on the line below to send an e-mail to me. And, God bless you!
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