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Grab your popcorn! Its time to watch Ernest P. Worrell in a few Movie shorts. I urgently recommend this WARNING, that before viewing these 15 minute movie trailers, that you visit the bathroom. We will not be held responsible for any wet pants due to laughing!! The Management!

You MUST Have A "Windows Media Player" to View!!
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Ernest Joins The Army - and - New Ernest Movie Soon!
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Hey Vern, It's Ernest, . . .
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Ernest Joins The Army!
TV & Movie Trailers! Click On Above Pictures To Watch
Here It Is! Two of Ernest P. Worrells movies! "Ernest Joins The Army", and "Ernest Saves Christmas" 5 to 10 minute video trailers. See Ernest at his comedy best. Guaranteed to bust your sides out laughing, while your watching these! Ha! Ha! Ha! Be sure you have a FREE copy of RealPlayer To view!
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Unfortunately most of our movie clips are at 56kbps dial up modem speed, and take just too much time to upload, and be able to offer more of a variety. However, in the near future, I will be going over to DSL (high speed hook-up), and this will enable me to offer more movie clips, and be able to change them several times per year. I will have a few clips at 28kbp to 56kbp remaining. I will be offering 99% of the movie clips on the site after October, 2008. Movie clips shown at High Speed (DSL) quality viewing is s lot better, and very fast in opening a movie clip to view!
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"KnowhutImean, Vern! Ernest Family Album"

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Photos From The Movie Enjoy!

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"Hey Vern, It's The Family Album" My own TV comedy special. Starring me as me, plus me as several of my infamous relatives, plus Ernest "n" Vern's "Greatest TV Commercials". The very, very best in the whole wide world. This is the most sought after title in Jim Varney's comedy collection, and after you have seen this, you will know why.

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Don't Forget To See "Billy Dee's Comedy Show"

"Billy Dee's Comedy Show"

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