"New Year's Eve Special"

"With Jim Varney"

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Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site
Wishes YOU a happy and blessed New Year!
"Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site"
Greetin's, Jim Varney & Ernest Fans! Happy New Year to you! Wowee, Bob!   I am jes as happee as kin be! Ahm a sittin heer in Houston, Texas, with ole Johnny Cash and Kris Kristopherson. Wee's all doin a speshial show for fer ya! Ole Billy Dee couln't make it tonight! YOUR SURE MISSIN THE FUN BILLY DEE! Wishin ya could be heer. Oh, yeah, I want to say somethin speshial to all ma fans, includen Donna, ma vereee speshial friend! Ya'll get out a pen and paper and starts makin a reslutions! Heers ma list, heer goes! Ahhhh! mmmmm! Nummmmbbbeerr one? Ah don't know, ah, OH, YEAH! Heers one! Ahm gonna try reel hard to treet ole Vern better! He shore has gone thu a lot with me over the yeers! And not veery good either! Oh well, but try to be nice to peeple, and try helpin'm, and most of all, beleeve in God. Yep! The mos importint thang of all. Weel, thas it! God blessen ya'all, ole Ernest heer!
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