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A different Jim Varney, with a bit more serious character (at times), but yet very funny. Although Jim is not in his usual "Ernest" role, most of Jim Varney's fans will really enjoy this comedy with a low keyed drama. This was one of Jim's later films, and different from his usual "Ernest" character and movies. I give it a "thumbs Up" for the "Tree House Hostage!
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One of the funniest Ernest mad cap comedies. Ernest gets involved with his buddy the professor in search of the long lost Crown jewels of England, which for a long time had been hidden in an ancient cannon and here in the U.S! The plot thickens, between with professor's wife, and the two nutty salesmen and the College's admistrator, who after finding out about Ernest finding a material clue to the long lost and hidden jewels are, and then finding the crown! It all ends up with Ernest riding an old cannon, and the bad guys chasing Ernest to get the prize, the crown jewels of course. Well, I better not tell ya anymore and spoil the movie for ya! This Ernest movie is one of my favorites, and your going to see why! Filmed in Canada, brrrr! I said that, because poor Jim Varney (Ernest), almost froze riding that huge cannon! Ha! Ha! Ha!
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