Photo's Of Jim Varney Himself

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Above, are a few of some very rare photos that Scott found in the attic of Jim's home. I have no idea who the other guy is in one of the photos. I like the photo with Jim relaxed on his couch! He sure was a good looking guy, huh! Yep! That's our ole Ernest P. Worrell relaxin at home, trying to look like Jim Varney? Er, I mean, trying to look like Ernest? Oh, whatever! We know who HE is, don't we? Ha! Ha!
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Photos Of Jim's Motorcycle, Which Was Given To Me!
Ya'll are not gonna believer this one. The photos of the motorcycle, that now belongs to me! Yep! It was Jim Varney's very own cycle! Shore was! Mr. Smith asked me if I would like to have it! LIKE IT! Wowwee Bob! He didn't have to ask me twice! So now, ahs got to find a way to get it back up here, where ah lives in Wisconsin. But don't worry, I will find a way, one way or another! Thank YOU Mr. Smith for such a wonderful gift! The cycle is in pretty bad shape, and will have to be restored, (which I intend on doing). But it did belong to one time to Jim Varney! That makes it worth more then money to me!
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One behalf of all the Jim Varney friends and fans, we deeply appreciate the photos that Scott Smith sent in. And I would like to personally thank Mr. Smith for Jim's motorcycle, and a 12 foot by 12 foot (huge!) photo of Jim! Wow! It is so big, I can't even put it up in my own home!
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