Photo's Of Jim Varney's Home

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Jim's home is located in Tennessee, in a wooded nature setting that just takes the breath away! Deer, wild turkey's and many other wild animals often run through the yard. The home is now owned my a the Smith family, with two young children. Mr. Smith sent me a number of photos that he took of Jim Varney's home. The photos are of before the Smith family moved in, and after, as they have been doing some remodeling.
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Photos Of Inside Before The Smiths Moved In.
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The above photos show Jim Varney's home as it actually was (minus Jim's furniture and other belongings) before the Smiths moved in. The house had not been lived in since Jim passed away almost 7 years ago.
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In the far right photo, was Jim's Hot Tub! Jim's home was and is truly a country home.
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