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Welcome to the Patriots History Drama Radio shows! There are a few comedy shows on the list, but all the shows carry a theme of "God, Country and Patriotism!" Although the shows are old and date back from the 1940's to the 1950s, they carry not only powerful messages, but also give true historic accounts about our nation and how it came to be and all the sacrifices that have been made for the United States Of America. These specials shows are not only entertaining, but also to give the listeners an opportunity to show how much our founding fathers had given and sacrificed their fortunes, their safety and their lives, for YOU and ME and Everyone!
Speech Of Samuel Adams. - Radio Show #1.
Adams speech to Philadelphia on August the 1st, 1976. Am incredible drama, based on history facts and historical notes taken at the time.
Dispatch To New York. Radio Show #2.
While the meeting was under way to vote on the "Declaration Of Independence", a dispatch from New York had been galloping on his for many horse for hours, to reach and inform those at the meeting that there was over 27,000 English troops that had landed on Statin Island off New York, and were preparing for an invasion of the colonies. This is one of the most powerful reenacted dramas of it's kind I have ever heard. The meeting is based on accurate historical documents and records.
Final Vote Of The Declaration Of Independence. Radio Show #3.
Lafayette Fights For Country. Radio Show #4.
A French soldier that desired to leave France to come to the colonies to help George Washington fight against the English for the right to be a free nation. Lafayette wanted to be a part of this great new country. This is based on accurate historical records.
The Brave Flag. Radio Show #5.
What our nation was founded upon, and what it all means!
A Man And His Plow. Radio Show #6.
A country farmer who speaks out and against a Socialist that has come to his town to conduct a public speaking in the streets with many of the town folks present. The farmer defiantly and loudly denounces the speaker of his wrongful words, and teachings that were and are against this country!
The Visitor. Radio Show #7.
This is a bit of a comedy about a UFO that landed in the U.S. and the military is alerted and eventually gains entry into the strange large silver ball that contains an alien. They find a Martian inside that is dying, and he explains he is the last Martian of his kind. Why? His world had been destroyed because of turning away from God. This unusual radio show has a powerful message about turning away from God and the consequences.
The Heritage Of Home. Radio Show #8.
Heritage of Home is a drama about the struggles, hardships and trials and sufferings of those who foraged across our nation to found and build homes and new settlements, and with their dreams and aspirations. Behold, "America", a nation of God, faith, freedom and the love of country.
The Longest Hour. Radio Show #9.
A drama about our fore fathers that tirelessly worked around the clock hammering out the Declaration of Independence charter. Our nation's very survival and existence depended on those men who put up their very lives, their wealth, their land and home, to form a new nation, and "ONE NATION UNDER A CHRISITAN/JUDEAO GOD.
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