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Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky

On the LEFT is the Lafayette High School that Jim Varney attended. To the RIGHT is Beeler School Auditorium.

Photo's By Sean Mason

At Lafayette High School in Kentucky is where it all began for Jim Varney. It was there that Jim began his acting in school dramas. The auditorium known as "Beeler Auditorium" and Thelma Beeler was a close friend and mentor of Varney. Yes, Jim did go to school there. The building was opened in 1939 and was a WPA project. It was for many years the largest high school in the state of Kentucky, and a 2,200 student body in Jim's day. You can see the New Addition to the left to the rear of the building in the photo above. Information here, is courtesy of Tim Parks who was in school at the same time Jim Varney was. Thanks Sean Mason and Tim Parks, your great Varney fans and friends. God Bless You!

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