Welcome!This is a special web site that contains messages, opinions, accurate historical accounts, political news and views and articles. Christian ministers and laymen and the general public are welcomed and encouraged to contribute reports, photos, articles and personal views, by sending in their material to display on this site. You will find this special web site very open and uncandid. Our nation is in deep moral, spiritual, political, personal and financial trouble, or should I say CRISES, which is truly fact. We desperately need to see this country return to its founding principles of faith in God, freedoms, morality, honest justice and faith in God, (the Christian Judea God), that THIS nation was founded upon, and upon our founding fathers of our country). This site is intended to speak out boldly and with truth for God and country! TOO MANY have been silent and for too long! Share your voice of concerns and opinions! America is in her MOST desperate hours of need and change! Do YOUR part to help to turn America around and into the right direction.
This web site's main objective is to inform and encourage EVERYONE, by promoting, educating, informing, and teaching through powerful messages, reports and letters from those who want their voices heard. "We The People" can turn this nation around and back to it's former glory, faith and patriotism, but TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Our nation is BEING ATTACKED from all sides, and being torn apart through the rapidly growing (what I call and I believe many others do)of EPIDEMICS, such as "drug abuse", "drug addiction", "immorality", "illegal aliens", "sexual perversion and immorality", "abortion of the murdering of the unborn", "graft and corruption" in government and in many of our nation's powerful big corporations and banks. America's is in a RAPID DECLINE of morals, faith and principles, as well as our U.S. Constitution is under "siege", along with the staggering growth of crime, and many more areas that I haven't mentioned. Since the 1960s our nation has been on a rapid social and moral decline as never before SEEN in our nation's history. Our Nation IS UNDER ATTACK! Our Nation is under God's judgment, and we WILL LOSE our country, unless this nation's people TURN to God and PRAY in mass repentance and cry out for GOD'S help and Salvation. We hope that through this new special web site, that it will help to change MANY people's lives, hearts, and their thinking, as well as get many to TURN TO GOD AND TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS, and their sacrifices in establishing this nation as ONE nation, "the United States Of America" under the Judeo/Christian God."
Think for a moment what our founding fathers would say and do if they were able to come back to life today and see the condition our nation is in? I can only imagine the utter anger, sadness, outrage and their total despondency from them seeing what THEIR nation they gave us has become! I believe they would be yelling it in every city in America, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THIS NATION WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR AND GIVEN YOU?" "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE GREAT SACRIFICES THAT WE HAVE MADE FOR YOU AND THIS GREAT REPUBLIC?" I can only imagine the deep heart ache, anguish and anger they would feel! I believe they would be shouting in anger and in tears at the top of their lungs, WAKE UP AMERICA, FOR YOU ARE IN YOUR FINAL HOUR OF EXISTENCE unless YOU turn this nation around! (That is if it isn't already too late to do!) Personally, I am of the opinion and deep hearted feeling that America just may fall! Everything that can cause the collapse of this nation is in place! Shocked are you? You should be! Pray and then do your part to save our nation, UNLESS IT IS TOO LATE??
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