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Bill Byrge better known as Bobby in several of the Ernest P. Worrell movies and in the Highly Awarded Children's TV Show, "Hey Vern, It's Ernest. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Bill on the phone. Bill's character roll in the movies as well as on TV has been a hilarious one. Bill rarely says much of anything in his roles. But, to speak to him in person, he has a wonderful personality and is very talkative and an extremely interesting warm hearted individual
The "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site" Interview With Bill Byrge
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Bill Byrge Comedy Short!
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Sittin Up With The Dead
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It has been roughly 10 years since Bill has co-stared in his last role as Bobby in "Ernest Goes To Jail", which has been Bill's last role in movies. I know that he misses it, and wishes he could once again be part of the cast. Bill lives in Tennessee, and used to be at one time a mailman. I am not quite sure what Bill is doing now, as we had so much to talk about and many details to cover, I would have liked to have asked him. We just didn't have enough time. However, Bill happily agreed to do the interview with me. The interview is done in an audio format and presented on the Official Jim Varney Tribute site. You really won't want to miss this interview. The interview will be archived on Bill's page for everyone to have an opportunity to listen to Bill Byrge.
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So, if you want to find out more about Bill, then join us and listen to the interview! It was rather hard to find much of anything about such a delightful and very funny actor on the Internet. But, Bill told me he has a scrapbook of photos of many or most of the cast and himself, and I am excited to see these photos. I would think that most of them probably have never before been seen anywhere, so this will be a real treat for the fans.
Bill would like some fan mail. I told him that I have received some fan mail wondering where Bill has been and just what he is doing? Well, I found him and I am glad I did. Bill would love to hear from the Jim Varney fans as well as from his own fans (which I know for a fact are many).
Bill and I spoke about the incredible number of people who just love Jim Varney and his "Ernest P. Worrell" movies especially. Since Jim has passed on to Glory, there definitely seems to be an astounding growth for Jim's movies. It's amazing! I told Mr. Byrge that I am going to keep working hard to keep Jim's memory alive as well as the movies going. There is a whole new generation of kids that have not seen the Ernest movies, or Bill Byrge and the rest of the cast. The children and youth of America need to see these movies! The kids need to see how decent and good morale comedy movies can be! Bill agreed with me that Jim did bring back old time "slap stick" comedy to the modern silver screen, and it worked! Everyone loves it.
Bill is a born again Southern Baptist Christian. Well, Glory! Well as you can see and read here, I was and still am excited about meeting Bill, and having been able to speak to him on the phone. I know mentioned that before, but I had to say it again.
And who knows, this excitement and exuberance of not only myself and Bill and the fans, could stir up interest to do some new Ernest P. Worrell movies. We all know there will never be another Jim. However, many of the original Ernest cast is alive and doing well. I mentioned to Bill that I have a real pulling or leading to see these types of movies return. I don't think that if another actor could be found that would match the character role of "Ernest", and if it could be done, I don't believe it would go over very well. But what I do think, is perhaps if a new movie were to come out with Ernest's Nephew, or perhaps Ernest Brother, and that the actor would have characteristics like the late Jim Varney (in the Ernest character roll), I don't see why that wouldn't work! From the outpouring of Jim's fans, friends and family (now over 31,000 Varney fans have come to this site), says a lot! It tells me that people want these type of movies! HELLO HOLLYWOOD, are you reading this and listening? Huh?
There will be more to come from Bill Byrge, and I know that many of you are excited about hearing all about him. I have for the present included some photos from two of the Ernest movies that Bill was in. As soon as Bill sends copies of his photos from his scrap book, I will hurriedly add them to Mr. Byrge's special section on this site. Billy also agree to come back and do another show me in the near future. I am sure we will all be looking forward to it.
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I am devoting a section to Bill, as well as all the other cast members. I am a present trying to contact Gailard Sartain, better known in his character role in some of the Ernest movies and the TV show as "Chuck". Gailard and Bill were the hilarious comedy duo that just seemed to go together like "peas and carrots" (I always liked that expression that came from the Forest Gump movie, Ha! Ha!). Hopefully, Chuck will be joining the site. I don't know yet, as I am awaiting to hear back from him from a letter I sent him. But I somehow feel that he will be excited to be on the site.
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