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                             Jim Varney TV Show                            Billy Dee Comedy Show
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   "Jim Varney TV Show With Bill Byrge"

This is the first TV show that has been made for the fans. Billy Dee hosts the show, with special guest co-star of several of the Ernest movies, Bill "Bobby" Byrge. This special show is not only an interesting interview with Bill Byrge, but also very comical. Dee, does a short rendition of the late Elvis Presley, which is more funny then realistic. Bill Byrge cuts up with some of his famous facial expressions. This special presentation is 40 minutes. Don't miss this! This is the only TV interview that we know of with Bill Byrge.                                            

                  "Billy Dee Comedy Show"

Billy Dee, portrays both characters, "Aunt Janice" and "Boss Hoggs". Dee has been known for years on TV for his wit and humor, and nutty characters. The comedy show is one of Dee's earlier acts, but still is a side splitter! Oh, and I have to throw this in. Dee stuffed his "Aunt Janice" costume with pillows and towels to make himself appear almost 100 pounds heavier for the character! Included in the show, is a short clip of local high school kids on homecoming night, toilet papering the town, and Billy Dee of course! Billy Dee is a nut case in this show! Okay, hold on! There is more fun and laughter with "Boss Hoggs". Boss is from the Louisiana Bayous, and claimed to have saved Billy Dee's life by smacking an alligator with a board on the gator's bee-hind! Uhuh! That's the story. Hoggs which is a fitting name for this rather dirty, pompous back woods character! The Comedy show is 40 minutes long, and has been digitally re-mastered from the original version.

Goldie & Grandpa Comedy Shows!!
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Billy Dee Comedy Special
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