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        NEW Comedy Remake!
        Click Below On Billy n Bobby Picture To Watch The Clip!
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        Starring Billy Dee and Bill Byrge!
Music by the late GREAT MARK SHURILLA and his Band!!
$10.95 Free S & H Within Within The U.S.
Total Run Time video is aproximately 42 Minutes estimated.
It's BACK by popular DEMAND! The "The Wacky Duo On Vacation!" A LOT of action, funny, goofy, hillarious with MAXIMUM jockularity! Billy & Bobby On Vacation is a take off of the "ever popular" Ernest Comedy's of the 80's and 90s!
Fun and laughter is on "OVER DRIVE!" The whole family is going to love this NEW comedy of "Billy And Bobby The Wacky Duo On Vacation!
Bill Byrge Bill who co-starred as "Bobby" in several of the well known "Ernest" movies, such as "Ernest Goes To Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Goes To School and several other Ernest movies. Jim Varney (Ernest) and Bill Byrge co-stared in the well known and loved National award winning weekly children's TV show, "HEY VERN, It's Ernest", as well as various other films, including many TV commercials. I am proud and happy that I had the privilege to Direct and Produce this "Comedy" and co-star with Bill Byrge. Bobby (Bill Byrge's character)as a funny little guy in the "Ernest" movies. This was to be Bill Byrge's final appearance. Knowing Bill, he may just pop up in a production again. I am sure that the fans would be more then happy with that!
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