Jim Varney's Early Acting Beginnings Part 2
ABOVE - Jim Varney's High School class photo. Jim is the 4th from the right in the front row.
Photo ABOVE with Jim Varney and his two kids.
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Jim Varney Finds Fame In The Ernest Movies!
I never personally ever met Jim Varney, I knew him from his movies,just as millions of others did and do. I wished I would have known Jim Varney, as I truly believe that Jim and I would have hit it off! Jim and I are in many ways very alike and like, "two peas in a pod!"! Jim Varney will never be forgotten. I had heard from one of Jim's close friends, that Jim was very worried that he would be forgotten after he passed away. A few days after Jim had passed, the Lord kept telling me in my heart for several days, that Jim wanted someone to make a website for him, so he would not be forgotten! I am a Christian minister and have never done anything like this before in my life, making a web site for a movie star? I was convinced that the Lord was telling me to do that. A week or so after I had put up the website a person sent me an e-mail who had known Jim since he was in high school, and told me that she had been with Jim at his home a week before Jim passed away, and that Jim was so worried about being forgotten. I knew after speaking to that person, that it was God's plan and will to make a website for Jim. I know that "Jim" would be absolutely delighted with my website, and all those who have kept Jim, and the Ernest movies alive! Your not forgotten Jim! My website and ministry is for Jim and his family, friends and fans and because of the "clean, moral and descent family entertainment Jim Varney and the director of the Ernest movies, "John Cherry" that have given us in the Ernest movies, and in the weekly TV Ernest children's shows. I will keep this site going as long as I can, and as long as God allowes me to.
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Jim Varney Dies!
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