Young Jim Varney
Jim Varney's Early Acting Beginnings
An Revealing Close Look Of Jim Varney In His Early Years Of His Budding Talent As An Actor And Comedian, Which Began In High School.
Jim Varney Chosen State Of Kentucky Best Actor!
At Lafayette High School "Beeler Auditorium" in Kentucky is where it began for Jim Varney in school dramas. The building was opened in 1939 and located in "Lafayette, Kentucky" with 2,200 students.
Pictured above are 6 photos of Jim displaying his acting abilities on the high school stage. Jim Varney was awarded the state of Kentucky's best actor in 1966 for 2 years, and won a talent show. Jim did impersonations of leading political figures such as "Robert Kennedy", "Lyndon Johnson", and "Everett Dirkson, and several nationally prominent entertainers such as John Wayne, Richard Burton, and Walter Brennen. He also told several jokes and stories about his granny's Cobra and the "Orange Koolade Kid".
Solitude is being alone, a rare chance to get to know the self with the soul. For some, like Jim Varney, twice named the state's best actor, solitude might mean planning a career in acting. For others, it might be thinking ahead toward college or marriage. For all, being alone is a time to reflect, to search the mind, and to retain the vanishing individual.
Contrary to the special Hollywood TV show coverage that was mentioned in the news clip above about Jim Varney, the show was a "hatchet job" (and in my opinion as well as many others who knew Jim Varney, and knew of Jim Varney well, including his family). The news clip and the special TV show seemingly made Jim out to appear as a drug and alcohol abuser or addict, much like the news clip which stated and implied of Jim having a "dark" side. There was a period in Jim's life he had gone through a very emotionally and traumatic hard time, and had used Cocaine, but for a short lived period "only!", (as it was mentioned in a special TV show). For those of you who have read my take on Jim Varney, already know that Jim had been caught up at times in the fast lane of being a movie star. But that Jim had turned back to his faith in God in a big way in his final few years of his life and found peace and happiness. Read my special take on Jim Varney, and what I have found out about Jim in the past 11 years. Use the below link,to read a better and an honest and open view about Jim Varney. Thank You, Rev. Billy Dee
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Photos and newspaper clippings have been touched up and digitally remastered to render the best possible visual quality. We thank Ellen Bradburry for her work in acquiring all the material for this new special addition for the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site!"
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