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Here is a recent photo of Bill today at age 62. I guess he put on a few pounds, he weighs in now at around 120 pounds.
Bill, in an African looking costume. He really looks spooky don't he?
Bill as a robber? Here is a photo that shows Bill as a masked man. Hmm!
Yikes! I can't believe it, I saw Ernest P. Worrell.
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Here is a younger photo of Bill. When he was in the Ernest movies, he was at or below 100 pounds. Bill is a solid believer in the Lord and is very close to his faith in God.
This photo is either taken from a commercial Bill did, or a comedy skit.
I am not to sure what this photo is about, except Bill is standing with what looks like a banana in his hand? Ha! Ha!
Oh! Oh! They did lock up Bill. I knew it, It was actually "Bobby" who went to jail instead of Ernest, duh!

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I think this is a commercial that Bill did as a plumber. Scary isn't it! Ha! Ha!
A photo of guess Who? Bill Byrge of course. Such a funny guy, huh!
Here is "Chuck & Bobby" the funny duo team. This is another photo taken from a commercial the two guys did.
What can I say, the photo says it all. "Chuck and Bobby". Truly, they were one of the funniest teams in the movies.
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Here they are, trying to wrestle or what? Kinda looks like "Bobby" has got "Chuck" in a super power hold??
This photo was on a folder that kids take to school. Here they are lookin their Sunday best, included with flowers.
"Chuck" is about to cut "Bobby's" hair? Hey, I would be screaming to with the size of those shears (I mean scissors??)
This is a double of a photo that is shown above.
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