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Welcome to the Mark Shurilla Tribute And Site! We will be adding a lot about Mark soon. And extraordinary man and talent barely describes Mark. We ask those who are fans and friends of Mark to contribute information about Mark's career in music, entertainer and promoter, journalism, and other other areas that Mark Shurilla was involved in and with over his many years of a highly successful career. I will also try to add on video and audio clips of Mark and some of his performances and HOT rock hits! Mark Shurilla And The Greatest Hits won many numerous awards over the past 3 or more decades. Loosing Mark was a great loss and not only to his family, friends and fans, but to the entertainment world. Mark Shurilla was well known for his famous "Winter Dance Party" and closely following and performing many of the late "Buddy Holly" rock hits. Many people who have seen Mark perform have called him an inpersontator of Buddy Holly. Well, I will tell you what Mark quoted about that to me. He said this, "I am a facilitator" and not an inpersonator". Please come back and be looking for more up-dates and more about "Mark Shurilla And The Greatest Hits!" I will be also including more photos and some video clips and audio track of some of Mark Shurilla's performances. Please click on the MAIL ICON below to e-mail me information. Thank You!
"Winter Dance Party" performance at the "Grand Old Opera House" Osh Kosh, Wis. 2007.
The performance was filmed and was edited for TV. Includes back stage clips of Mark Shurilla and the band, including Mark interviewing a long time personal friend and discussing bits of Marks career and interesting nostalgia of rock and roll. Mark's friend had passed away the very next day after the interview. This show was produced for a special TV production. Performance contains various rock oldies along with Buddy Holly hits. Originally filmed in "SVHS" Analog then digitally converted, remastered in (NTSC/Mpeg/Dolby Stereo/Wide Screen)format and edited for DVD.
DVD Sampler contains Osh Kosh and Egg Harbor select Performances.
Sampler was Filmed at Egg Harbor, Wisconsin,in 1994. Was also originally filmed in "SVHS", "Analog", then digitally converted, remastered in (NTSC/Mpeg/Stereo/WideScreen)format and edited for DVD. The DVD "Sampler" was originally produced as an added attraction for a new comedy movie that I produced and directed in 2009. Approximate running time is about 40 minutes.

Mark Shurilla Osh Kosh Performance                 Mark Shurilla Greatest Hits Sampler

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