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Special Guest John Cherry Part 2.
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Welcome fans! This is our NEW Radio Show Home Page with NEW guests."John Cherry"Our special guest John Cherry who is the director of the "Ernest" movies! Mr. Cherry is coming out soon with a new book called, "The Keeper Of The Clown". An amusing and very interesting new book about Jim Varney's career, and a lot more! Needless to say, I feel privileged to have had Mr. Cherry on the "Jim Varney Radio Show" as my special guest.

"Denton Rose"a fairly new and up-coming comedian extraordinaire! Funny, quick witted and original (to say the least!) Denton is a discovery of the well known John Cherry! Denton Rose is a very talented and an unusually funny dude! Denton has a new video out, called "Rebel Yell!", as well as several other recent comedy video shorts! You don't want to miss those! See Denton's web site at,"www.dentonrose.com" , as well as on "You Tube!" I am very happy to have had Denton on the show as another special guest!

"Bill Byrge" well known as "Bobby" in several of the Ernest movies, did a radio show interview with me, 5 years ago, (the first show).

I am planning on having "Jeff Pillars", one of the Ernest movie co-stars on the show in the near future! Those of you have seen the movie, "Ernest Rides Again", will remember the two funny and witty vacuum cleaner salesmen! Jeff was one of them. He is a very interesting person, and I look forward to interviewing him soon!

Hey Fans! There are more radio shows coming soon, and with "Mike Sager", a close friend of the late Jim Varney for 20 years! I had asked Mike to be a guest on the radio show, and he said he would be happy to do it. I am hoping that soon we can schedule a date to do the show. Don't miss the upcoming new show. Also, I added on some older radio and TV shows with Bill ("Bobby") Byrge, well known co-star in several of the Ernest movies! I will be adding on more radio and TV shows in the future. Be watching the Jim Varney Tribute And Fan Site for more upcoming new radio shows.

Hey Ernest Fans and Billy Dee Fans! Would you like to be a guest on the radio show? Well, you sure can be! Just contact me, "Billy Dee" at "DeeAOB@chorus.net" Wowee Jim Bob, YOU just may be a guest on the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site Internet Radio Show!" Those who are chosen to be on the show will receive a copy of the new movie, "Billy And Bobby The Wacky Duo On Vacation", and Ernest photos!