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Special Announcements! I will be adding more shows, including special Billy Dee messages soon. Some of the shows are well known from 1970's, but still have a big impact on today's young people especially!
Dimitru Dudeman's POWERFUL Testimony, Torchered For Christ!
Dudemann's Testimony is the most incredible I have heard in my life, and I think those who will listen to it, will say much the same! Bro. Dimitru Dudeman was torchered for his faith in Christ! Imprisioned, Beaten, Electrocuted, Hung and other various horrible torchers. Along with this true to life story, Dudeman tells of the terrible judgment that is soon to come upon America! Dudeman has shared his testimony and prophecy all over the world! I had the opportunity to listen to Dimitru Dudeman and personally meet him in the late 1980s at a local church! PLEASE! DO NOT MISS LISTENING TO THIS SPECIAL PRESENTATION!
Dimitru Dudeman's Short Version Testimony, Torchered For Christ!
Same as above but short version
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The late Pastor Rev. Steeves of the "Evagelistic Center" ministry who was known as a powerful preacher and a prophet of God! Many various miracles took place in various services over the years! One of those miracles was the raising of a Christian man that had died during a church service. Rigarmortis had already begun to quickly set in. According to many witness's that morning, Rev. Steeve's had quickly went over to the man and almost yelled out, and demanded in the name of Jesus for the man to come back to life. The Christian man within a short time, came back to life and began to praise God for the miracle. Many witnesses were present that day! Listen now to a most powerful minister and prophet, the late "Rev. Fred Steeves", pastor of the former Evangelistic Center in Fort Atknson, Wis. Rev. Steeves had been called of Jehovah to be a Prophet of God, of which he was. In a future programs, I wll share some of the amazing and super natural events of the Holy Ghost that miraculously took place at the Evengaelic Center over a period of almost 20 years.
Brian Rudd "Trip Beyond" Testimony!
A True and well known 40 year old Testimony about a young man whose life was turned upside down in crime, drugs, jail and prison. An older 70s audio presentation. Brian Rudd's testimony speaks clearly and powerfully to many of our nation's youth today. Brian's story will hold the listener's rapt attention! For those who don't know about Brian Rud or heard this testimony before, Brian had left the ministry many years after this "recorded testimony" But the never the less, this testimony is one of the classic type of testimony's that has reached thousands of young people that were caught up in the Occult, alcohol and drugs!
Spector In The Land! (by the late) Rev. Pratney
This is an older audio from the 70s, but it is extremely Captivating, and dramatically informing and a powerful presentation! The show GIVES a strong WARNING! The late "Rev. Pratney" goes into details and presents the dangers and perils of getting involved with the the Occult.. This audio presentation is a very scary and graphic! I would advise that parents with children to take caution listening to this presentation! The late Rev. Pratney goes into detail about the Occult. This presentation includes eerie background screams, and other related sound effects. This audio recording presents a mind provoking look at the Occult and it's dangers!
"ETERNAL LIGHT!"A long running radio drama show series of over 400 weekly 1 hour radio shows that was on the air from the mid 1940s until the later 1950s, and still is a very popular and a well listened to radio show. The shows include dramas of Biblical historical accounts reinactments of the Old Testament events, which include reinacted dramas of the plight and suffering of the Jews over the past many centuries, and including the many incredible accomplishments of various Jews that contributed much to our nation and other countries and the world! Many of shows are reinacted actual historical accounts and events. Included are TRUE accounts of those that were killed, and those who suffered and lived through the horrors of WW2 NAZI Germany extermination camps. LET IT NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! This is a radio series that MUST continue to be listened too, and learned from, and understood.
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Talk Shows will include an assortment of Biblical Teachings, Prophetical Messages, Christian Views, Prophetic Prophecies, Personal Testimonies, including special shows of Jehovah's Signs and Warnings for these times. Time is running out for America! And unless our nation in MASS numbers of people turn and repent to God, our country will fail! PRAY FOR AMERICA!
Check site periodically for New changes and New additions. The shows are also meant to wake up our nation to turn to God, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Jeus is our nation's ONLY HOPE, and those will that will turn to Him and repent of their sins, and then pray and ask for Yeshua's forgiveness and accept Jesus into their hearts and lives as "their" "Savior" to be "BORN AGAIN" OF JESUS! Thank you and God bless you! Rev. Billy Dee - Shalom!