"Family Radio Theater "
Special 30 minute Radio drama presentations.
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A Man And His Plow
A country farmer who speaks out and against a Socialist that has come to his town and conducts a public speaking in the streets with many of the town folks present. The farmer defiantly and loudly denounces the speaker of his wrongful speaking against this country!
The Visitor
A UFO has landed in the U.S. and the military is alerted and eventually gains entry into the strange large silver ball. They find a Martian inside that is dying, and he explains he is the last Martian. Why? His world has been destroyed because of turning away from God. A sci-fi thriller that has a powerful message about turning away from God.
The Heritage Of Home
Heritage of Home is a drama about the struggles, hardships and trials and sufferings of those who foraged across our nation to found and build homes and settlements, and with their dreams and aspirations. Behold, "America", a nation of God, faith, freedom and the love of this country.
The Longest Hour
A drama about our fore fathers that tirelessly worked around the clock hammering out the Declaration of Independence charter. Our nation's very survival and existence depended on those men who put up their very lives, their wealth, their land and home, to form a new nation, and "one nation under God.
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I hope that you listen to these special and profound series of dramas that will speak to all of you as they have spoken to me and many others. Pray for America, and turn back to the faith and freedoms of our fathers before it is too late. PLEASE READ MY SPECIAL MESSAGEon turning to God and returning to our fore fathers founding principles and faith for this nation. My hope and prayer is that my special message will give everyone a wake up call, one way or the other, as time is RUNNING OUT FOR AMERICA!
We ARE on the brink, the very edge of loosing this nation! Read my POWERFUL MESSAGE by - clicking on the and link below!
Rev. Billy Dee, a Messianic Christian