Our nation is under attack by those in our government who are poised to totally destroy the very fabric of Democracy and freedom of God and Christian religion that this country was founded and based upon. Never before in this nation's history, has this country been faced with a regime that is defying and attacking the Constitution of the United States, and ushering in such corruptible and imprisoning forms of government as Socialism, Communism, and Totalarianism, under the guise of lies and deception. The very freedoms given to us by our fore fathers are now being taken from us one by one, as well as attacked on every front.
On my special radio shows page, I included a series of old radio shows that were produced and aired in the 1940's to the early 1950s that were designed to reach the family with God and prayer. These are not only extremely entertaining, but the shows that I selected out of hundreds in the family radio series, I feel deeply are some of the most important as well, dramas that both reflect America's need of God today, as well as special shows about our nation's founding fathers, and what they wanted and did for generations for all Americans for all time.
I picked one particular show that I as well as probably many, many other people who after listening to them, will agree that we as a nation need to get back to our country's roots and founding principles (God, morality, family unity, and everything else that "made" this nation so great at one time). I say one time, because these radio shows speak in a most profound way, that shows that our country has slipped so far away from what it used to "be".
Our country as well as other countries today are riddled with drugs, and drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual perversion, government dishonesty and corruption, crime, terrorism, and attacks on our nation's founding Christian/Judeo God, and the growth and expectance and practise of the "Occult" (witchcraft, Demonism, to name only a few), along with the growth and popularity and tolerance of Paganism and Pagan religions. Violence out of control as never before, with the rapid increase of the worst kinds of heinous murders and crimes. Pornography, homosexuality, sexual child abuse, and sexual sin practices so incredibly foul, filthy and evil, that may even be worse then the "infamous" two biblical times cities, "Sodom and Gomorah" that God destroyed utterly. Legalized killing of the unborn,(which to date, has claimed over 110,000,000 lives!) Divorce rates never before seen in the history of our nation, as well as God being kicked out of the class rooms across America and more! Our nation is slipping at an incredible rate from our founding father's dreams and principles for our government and faith in God, and unless we as a nation and people in mass go back to those simple but yet most urgently needed times of "morals, family, God and country", we will lose our nation!
I believe that God is trying to give America a wake up call! A wake up call, to once again hold dear those moral standards and principles that our country had in more abundance, and if we don't wake up, then the mere thought of what God will do, should shake every American to their very bones. I believe that God is screaming loudly, that HE has had enough, and HIS patience is just about run out with this nation!
I believe along with millions of others in this nation, and I am convinced that America needs to repent in MASS to God and then to both or either rededicate their lives back to God, and pray to God, and many for the first time to pray for salvation of Jesus Christ, and to rebuild this country spiritually and morally, and then bring our country and families all back together. I profoundly believe like many other Christians, that the U.S. and the rest of the world is UNDER God's judgment! It would take an ignorant person, or ignorant persons not to see the signs that are here and now of God's judgment! I am not a "dooms day" preacher. But all one has to do, is just look and see what has happened and is happening in our country alone, and read the Bible for themselves to know the signs of God's judgment/s, to realize the truth. One thing that has angered me, and many others, is this. There many people who hate sinners, and even many Christians as well! They got that all wrong! God's word in the Bible has never, ever taught his believers to HATE sinners, NEVER! Jesus Himself taught that WE MUST LOVE THE SINNER/s! God's word speaks clearly on this most important issue.
And here is something that may just surprise many people. God states in HIS WORD, that it is the sin of the sinner God HATES (not the sinner)! No matter how evil or wicked people are, God loves them ALL, and does not hate them! But God has taught us in HIS word that Jesus will and can save ALL those (no matter how evil or sinful they are), and MAKE THEM NEW PEOPLE! Turn a deaf ear to those who claim God hates the sinner! They are liars, and surely not quoting any truth at all about God's love! Yes, we are very possibly in this nation's MOST URGENT AND DESPERATE TIMES! Just imagine for a moment, that masses of people all over the United States (millions and millions of the unsaved of Jesus, and even saved back slidden Christians) would turn in MASS and repent to God? And imagine if this nation would cease it's major sins, the great sins of abortion, sexual sin, etc., and millions upon millions would turn and ask for forgiveness and repent and rededicate their lives to Jesus. God would cease HIS judgment! I for one believe that with all my heart and soul that could happen. Pray for America,and pray and get out and work in taking part in doing whatever you can to save America! And do YOUR part to help change America!
I hope as you listen to these most special and most profound series of dramas, it will speak to all of you as it has spoken to me. Remember this. Our nation was founded upon God, the Christian/Judeo God and Jesus Christ. Pray for America, and turn back to the faith and freedoms of our fathers before it is too late.The special radio shows on my old radio show page, was a wake up call for me too, and I hope it was for all of you!
It is ALL up to every American to want and desire to see this nation restored, and return back to every founding belief and principle that this United States Of America was built upon and founded upon. Oour nation is in the MOST profound time of need that has ever been since this country became The United States Of America   
Rev. Billy Dee.
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